In a world full of unseen dangers, HADES hunters stand between humanity and the jaws of darkness.

Welcome to The Slaughter Chronicles… where there are two sides to reality and three sides to life. Earth and the Void, where the shadows are never empty. Human, monster, and monster hunter.

When little Regina Slaughter unwillingly became a werewolf at the tender age of nine, she lost her whole family soon after. Now on the monster side of life, Regina learns that there are no limits to the kinds of monsters hunters can be.

Caged and subjected to horrifying experimentations at the whim of HADES’s werewolf hunters, Regina is destined for a tragic end. But after a daring rescue, Regina finds a new family with the Alpha of the most improbable werewolf pack in rural America. A pack of former werewolf hunters turned in the line of duty. 

HADES has a zero-tolerance policy for contamination. But that hasn’t stopped its commanders from breaking the rules.

Hidden from Central Command by one of their own Masters of the Hunt, these ex-hunters are conscripted into Hyperion’s Fury, one of the most ruthless HADES hunting divisions. They pay for protection from their former squads with their own flesh and blood by hunting nightmarish creatures that make werewolves look like newborn puppies. Now the Master of the Hunt has his sights on Regina, and nothing will stop him from molding her into the perfect killing machine. 

Regina may have escaped the monsters, but has she only swapped one cage for another?

The Slaughter Chronicles is a grimdark fantasy horror series of novels and short fiction about a world where humans don’t believe in monsters, but they are very much real. And they will eat you.


When I commissioned the incredibly talented Konn Lavery to design the new covers for The Slaughter Chronicles, I had a few more Regina short stories sitting in line to be published in the next TSC short story collection. But on the eve of sending the completed draft of Book One off to my editor, I decided to overhaul Pulling Teeth and Other Stories.

Reason One: I had no plans for organizing the publication of the TSC short stories. I knew I wanted to write short stories that put my supporting characters in the spotlight and fill in the gaps between the novels. I thought it was a good idea to just write them and publish a new collection every time I had five or six stories completed. But then (of course) the only short stories that came out of me were about Regina. I first thought that Regina would get two short story collections, Pulling Teeth and something else. But the cover update gave me the opportunity to expand my horizons and make bigger changes.

Pulling Teeth and Other Stories was all about the TSC universe. Now, in Harbinger of Havoc: Regina, the stories are all about Regina.

Reason Two: As I was planning the titles for the rest of the series, I wanted Regina’s official prequel collection to match, Harbinger of Havoc ties in nicely with Havoc’s Moon.

Reason Three: Vellum, the software I use for formatting, added some really nice templates and fonts that matched the new covers and the overall *feel* of the stories better than what I originally had.


At long last I can finally say that Havoc’s Moon has a publication date! In my mind. I have not made it official yet because anything could happen. This book has been through a lot and has taken me almost seven years to write.